For some it is a job, for us it is our home

/ Different from all others, not only in words /

We would like to tell you that ours is a young and dynamic Company, one of those that works with passion and dedication to offer its customers a vast assortment of relaxation armchairs with an unparalleled quality-price ratio, but this is already what everybody says.

/ Our armchairs, it’s a different story altogether /

We have known this sector for almost 50 years and have seen it change, evolve, surprise and adopt new technologies. We live and breathe this sector, it is our home. For this reason, the armchairs we make must first and foremost convince us, the most severe judges. In fact, what we do every day is to work to offer the market more than just a relaxation armchair: our goal is to give our customers an experiential path to the world of comfort.
 To this end, we leave nothing to chance, but we study the most suitable solution for each profile, taking into consideration different body builds, heights and discrete requests and needs.

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/ Companies are made by people
our company is made by specialized personnel /

People are the heart of our Company. There are 13 of us and we all work with dedication to contribute to the creation of high-quality craft products. We are constantly looking for new inspirations to update our armchairs, designing more ergonomic and character curves, combining cutting-edge technologies and finding new solutions to meet all the needs of our customers.

Our Company was born in 1969; we went a long way since then, but no step would have been possible without the commitment and technical preparation of every single member of this great family. Yes, because this is a large family and, as such, we develop each project with an ethical approach to guarantee maximum transparency to our customers.